The ancient trade of carpentry merges with technology: CNC machines are expertly used by carpenter tradesmen.

Experience, attention to detail, hand-finished work and the never-ending search for raw materials transform every project into a unique object.

From wood—in all its variations—to solid surfaces, like KRION®, carpenter tradesmen from Caporali accompany every step of the production process. Our guarantee is backed up by quality control checks performed by our own staff and we always hand-finish each piece.

Not just iron—our ironsmiths work every kind of alloy to create objects and projects. Many of the objects made by craftsman ironsmiths at Caporali get integrated into wood, glass, cloth, leather and every other kind of panel covering.

Thanks to the fusion between experience and innovation, we can also create unique pieces like brass or steel countertops; objects that add the finishing touch to any décor, transforming the overall look of the place.

Transparency, light effects, structure—artisanal glassmakers at Caporali work with CNC machines.

Glass of all types and thickness is used to create every kind of project. Master glassmakers produce traditional objects as well as unique pieces, all entirely artisanal which can also be used as prototypes. It is during the production of such exclusive glassworks that the objects are integrated into iron, alloys, leather, fabric and much more.

Wood, iron, alloys, glass, KRION®, fabrics, leather and much more. Caporali Contract creates unique objects by working every type of material with the dedication of expert artisans and the use of cutting edge machinery.

Careful research is done before beginning any project to identify the right solution capable of joining practical requirements with aesthetic effects. The result is an intricate marriage between enduring materials, innovative materials and known elements used in an innovative way.

Caporali Contract is a high-tech artisan company. Cutting-edge machinery and CNC technology are seamlessly used with the craftsman’s creativity and expertise. Machines are used to skilfully work on every type of material, combining innovation and experience. Our work begins with project engineering and designing of the prototype which then gets transformed into a concrete object. It is a process that leads to the creation of unique and original pieces for each of our clients. Unique, handmade items.

Research, selection, innovation and experimentation. Caporali Contract is in constant evolution and transformation.
C LAB represents the experimental area of our company; a workplace where unique and innovative solutions are identified and tested.
We continuously study different production techniques and various fields of application with the aim of finding innovative and unusual solutions. We are always on the lookout for specialized companies around the world that can satisfy particular requests and which possess specific machinery.
With the use of laser technology, we are capable of printing on glass, crystal, fabric, rugs and any other kind of material. With our 3D printers, we can make prototypes.
Thanks to research and innovation, ideas are transformed into concrete projects.