IBL Banca has chosen Caporali Contract

Caporali Contract and IBL Banca has embarked on a forward-looking collaboration, united in the creation of new spaces. The project for the Ancona branch has just been completed and the Verona branch will be finished shortly.

IBL Banca has engaged Caporali Contract for the creation of the IBL Banca branches as well as the IBL Family financing offices. The project consists in designing and building the bank’s more than 40 branches and financing offices with the aim of reviewing the lay-out of its network, taking inspiration from the concept of customer experience and the look & feel which is characteristic of the industry.

Caporali has created and implemented a design concept for the IBL Banca group based on the needs of its branch employees, both in terms of work and communication, as well as the needs of its customers. This concept has been, and continues to be, customized and adapted to different spaces and branches ranging from small ones to its 600 m2 flagship location in Milan.

Caporali Contract Project

Filiale IBL banca realizzata da Caporali Contract